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Mito cat food chicken

Mito cat food chicken

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  • Feline snack with cod fish in gravy.
  • Made from real chicken/fish meat pieces.
  • Every ingredient has a purpose. That’s why we carefully select high-quality ingredient, and then combine them with essential vitamins and minerals..
  • Complete, nutritionally balanced and is made with high-quality ingredients that are easy to digest.
  • These treat provide a delicious variety of flavors, and are perfect for your indoor or outdoor pet..
  • Imported from India.

Mito and Mito Mix Adult Cat are formulated for all adult cats to
provide good body condition and to meet their all nutritional
requirements. Besides, the rate of Taurine which is an essential
nutrient, has been increased to ensure healthy nervous system
development. Mito has the cellulose values necessary to help
expel hairballs. It has been focused sensitively on balancing the
pH and mineral content of the foods in order to reduce the risk
of problems with the urinary system, such as urinary stones and
crystals. Mito contains vegetable proteins at higher levels than
our other cat foods.

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